My name is Andri. I come from Reykjavík, Iceland and I moved to Denmark to study computer engineering at Aalborg University. I currently work a system developer/IT-specialist at TDC in Aalborg. I've previously worked as a systems and network administrator for various companies and Internet Service Providers. I've also been actively playing around with PHP since 1999 and my professional experience covers networking, security, programming, Internet telephony and system administration.

I work with Windows (excluding Vista), Linux and Mac on a daily basis but I feel that my interests lie in the field of open software, rather than the Microsoft alternative.

I also have a background in computer networks and am familiar with Cisco switches, routers and firewalls as well as their Linux based counterparts.

Since I moved to Denmark in 2006 I've gotten familiar with C, LaTeX, jQuery, C#, Java, C++, Javascript and even learned to speak Danish.

My Curriculum Vitae (CV) is available in English. If you wish to contact me, my email address is listed below or simply click here to contact me.


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